Hello, I’m Pengus – A Sucker For Synthwave!

Before we start: If you need some synthwave for your project and don’t feel like investing a couple of hundred bucks into custom music, feel free to browse my large Audiojungle portfolio where you can find songs for only 15-19$Audiojungle Synthwave Portfolio

I’ve decided to focus on doing custom music for games and media, as my experience from this type of work has been the most fulfilling for me as a artist.
On this website you will find demo music, portfolio material from previous work, contact information to previous clients to use as reference and my own contact information.
I have built in a very neat little audio player which you can find on the bottom of the page, to stream my music straight off this website.

What I mainly do is retro synth music which can be called “synthwave”, “retrowave”, “dreamwave”, “synthpop” and probably has a lot more names that I don’t even know about. Personally, I just prefer to call it 80’s even though it has a modern fusion to it. I have made music for companies such as Comedy Central, Monster Energy and Amazon TV. I’ve also worked with several games, Neon Drive being the biggest success with hundreds of thousands of players. I do also produce within other genres, but retro synth & synthwave is where the passion is at!

What I offer:

  • Customized music / scoring
  • SFX / Sound Design
  • Professional licensing
  • Close personal contact
  • High quality audio


  • Synthwave
  • Retrowave
  • 80’s Rock
  • 16-bit Game Music
  • Italo Disco
  • Synthpop

(anything retro and synth-related, you get the picture)


My Portfolio

Albums containing previous work!
  1. Touch // 16-BIT
  2. FM Battle Loop // 16-BIT
  3. The Runner // 16-BIT
Comedy Central
  1. Funk It Up // Comedy Central
Neon Drive
  1. 1-VF Valkyrie // Neon Drive
  2. Roboworks // Neon Drive
  3. Stardust Invaders // Neon Drive
  4. Miami Drive // Neon Drive
  5. Menu Robotica // Neon Drive
  1. Montage // Oldies
  2. US Robotics // Oldies
  3. Tata Sembello // Oldies
The Modern Touch
  1. Warp! // The Modern Touch
  2. Mecha // The Modern Touch
  3. Limb // The Modern Touch
  4. Albedo // The Modern Touch
  5. Metal Dust // The Modern Touch
The Night - 1985
  1. The Night // The Night - 1985
  1. Vigilante // Vigilante
Work That Body
  1. Work That Body // Work That Body
Menu Robotica // Neon Drive
  1. Menu Robotica // Neon Drive
  2. Miami Drive // Neon Drive
  3. Stardust Invaders // Neon Drive
  4. Roboworks // Neon Drive
  5. 1-VF Valkyrie // Neon Drive